My Mom Became My Roomie

When my mom told me she wanted to finally move in with me, I was so excited. I had been asking her for nearly six months, and I even had the perfect place picked out for us. I knew that it would time to convince her, so I was actually happy that she had decided in just a few months. When she asked about apartments for rent in Decatur GA, I showed her the website for Green Park. I knew not to do this until she had agreed to move in with me because she can be quite stubborn, and I did not want her to feel that I was pressuring her.

She has been diagnosed with cancer and though her prognosis is good, it is still a very long road ahead of her. (more…)

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We Bought a Nice Villa in Turkey and Have Been Enjoying It Ever Since

We have been to places where living is quite different than what we were used to growing up. It is not unexpected to discover that some other cultures have a different approach to what they consider normal living and normal houses. However, one thing my wife and I found to be really interesting is a residential property in Turkey that we bought in the Silivri region of Istanbul. You really cannot tell the difference between this little community and residential communities where we grew up in the States. The homes here in this suburban setting of Turkey are two and three story homes with lawns, swimming pools and gardens just like you would find in small towns back where we grew up. (more…)

This is Where I Want to Stay for Good

I am pretty picky about the places I have lived at. One time, it took me nearly three months to find the right place for me. I wish I could have stayed there, but my job forces me to move around a lot. Thankfully, that was in an area where my brother lived, so I was able to stay with him until I found my dream apartment. Now that I am moving again, I am looking well in advance at apartments for rent in Boston area because I don’t have any relatives that live there. If I am not able to find a place to live at that I like, then I am either going to live out of a hotel or settle for an apartment that I am just not happy with.

It turned out that I did not have to do either one. (more…)