I Want to Live in Luxury

This is probably going to sound elitist, but nothing can really be done about that. I happen to like certain things, and I work hard to ensure that I can have what I want. I make no apologies for that, and I make no apologies for not wanting to live at most of the new condo development sites here in Singapore. It is not that I feel they are beneath me, because I am not arrogant nor egocentric. They just do not have all the perks that the New Futura condo has, which is finally the condo I found that has everything I want.

I don’t want to feel like I am living in a shoe box, and I also do not want to feel like I am just an ant in a massive colony either. I want to have my space, and I want to be able to enjoy community amenities without feeling like I am struggling through the masses to be able to partake in something. (more…)

A Penthouse Unit for My Brother

When my brother asked if I would help him find a nice condo for him, I was pretty excited. I am in my sixth month of pregnancy and was ordered to almost complete bed rest, so I have been pretty bored. I knew that I could spend hours looking at different condos though, and that is how I found him the perfect one in no time at all. The New Futura in Singapore is absolutely gorgeous. It makes me want to sell my own condo and move there, if only it were closer to where my husband works!

My brother is married, and he and his wife have twin sons. (more…)