A Penthouse Unit for My Brother

When my brother asked if I would help him find a nice condo for him, I was pretty excited. I am in my sixth month of pregnancy and was ordered to almost complete bed rest, so I have been pretty bored. I knew that I could spend hours looking at different condos though, and that is how I found him the perfect one in no time at all. The New Futura in Singapore is absolutely gorgeous. It makes me want to sell my own condo and move there, if only it were closer to where my husband works!

My brother is married, and he and his wife have twin sons. His wife works just as hard as he does, and they often have a nanny take care of the boys when they both have huge projects going on. I knew to look at only the units that have four bedrooms or possibly even five. When I saw the five bedroom unit, I knew it was definitely the right one for him. It is two levels, and there are basically two units there. There is plenty of space for him, his wife and their two sons, but there is also space for a nanny to live in and have her own privacy as well.

What impressed me the most about the five bedroom penthouse unit is that it encompasses almost 8,000 square feet, which is massive. There is also a pool on the lower level, giving a perfect view of the city while lounging in the pool. In fact, there is a 360 degree view, so I know that I am going to visit often and take up that last bedroom, especially when my husband is on business trips. In addition to the penthouse, it has so many community amenities that they will never run out of things to do there.