Arlington 360 is a Grand Place to Live

I know some people think that I am spoiled, but I’m really not. I do like nice things, but I work very hard for everything that I have. And, let’s get real. If you have your choice between a luxury apartment for rent in Arlington MA or a cheap apartment in a bad section of town, which one are you going to choose? I think anyone would like to make the same choices that I make, and I just work harder to ensure that they can happen for me.

When I decided to move because I was no longer happy with the neighborhood I was living in, I knew that I wanted to look at the Arlington 360 apartments first. I have driven by that area a lot, and I have been really impressed with what I have seen. I did not look into more details there because I was under a lease for several more months, but those months went pretty fast. I looked at the one bedroom apartments, and I immediately knew that I wanted to move there. I really liked the floor plan that had a single bedroom and a large den in it.

I do sometimes work from home, and I had always just worked off the dining room table for that. Knowing that I could have my own den for my desk and bookcases, rather than have to use other rooms for that, was pretty exciting for me. The kitchen is a lot nicer too, and the cabinets and counter space are a dream come true. I like everything about Arlington 360, and that is why I am now living here. I have met a lot of nice people here too, and I feel a lot safer since this neighborhood is much nicer than the one I just left.