I Helped This Girl Move

I have spent this whole weekend helping out this girl who is my girlfriend’s cousin. Of course this is sort of weird since the girl I am helping shows almost no gratitude for this and I can not believe that I am not a lot more annoyed. At any rate she has a great deal of stuff and it barely fits in the place where she moved into. This is some really nice luxury West Palm Beach apartments a couple of blocks from the beach. I would love it if I could afford the place. You can walk out the door and be on the beach in a couple of minutes. Then there are a lot of places to go that are within easy walking distance. I love that when you can go and drink a few beers and get supper without getting in the car. Obviously that is nice as no one thinks a DWI is any fun.

At any rate this girl was really quite obnoxious, but I suppose it should not be very surprising that it was almost as though she thought she was doing me a favor by letting me move all this stuff. She never even offered to give me any money for gas and it took me three trips to move all of the stuff. Her boyfriend was supposed to be a help, but I got the feeling that he had almost no clue how to do an honest job of anything. Anna told me that both of them were spoiled rich kids and I was thinking that she was an expert on this. In fact she is about the only person in her family that is bearable aside from her father. The rest of them are so used to having everything given to them that they think it is how it is.