My Mom Became My Roomie

When my mom told me she wanted to finally move in with me, I was so excited. I had been asking her for nearly six months, and I even had the perfect place picked out for us. I knew that it would time to convince her, so I was actually happy that she had decided in just a few months. When she asked about apartments for rent in Decatur GA, I showed her the website for Green Park. I knew not to do this until she had agreed to move in with me because she can be quite stubborn, and I did not want her to feel that I was pressuring her.

She has been diagnosed with cancer and though her prognosis is good, it is still a very long road ahead of her. I wanted her to move closer to me so I could not only help take care of her but also so she could be closer to her doctors. I knew that I would not mind living with her because the two of us are so close. I knew that we would have fun and grow even closer, and I was just so happy she was finally going to do it.

The two bedroom unit I picked out for us was still available, so I started the paperwork that day. We moved in less than two weeks later, and it was just in time. I had not realized that my mom had grown so weak, and I was glad to be there in our new apartment to help her take care of the daily things that people must do to get through the day. A year later, and my mom is doing so much better. She is even working out in the fitness center now, getting her strength back. The best thing is that we are indeed closer now too.