We Bought a Nice Villa in Turkey and Have Been Enjoying It Ever Since

We have been to places where living is quite different than what we were used to growing up. It is not unexpected to discover that some other cultures have a different approach to what they consider normal living and normal houses. However, one thing my wife and I found to be really interesting is a residential property in Turkey that we bought in the Silivri region of Istanbul. You really cannot tell the difference between this little community and residential communities where we grew up in the States. The homes here in this suburban setting of Turkey are two and three story homes with lawns, swimming pools and gardens just like you would find in small towns back where we grew up.

We have a two-story villa in Turkey that has green siding and decorative wood features at the eaves of a standard shingled roof. We have a fence, and our lawn is lush and green. The homes of our neighbors differ a bit in layout and style, but the community is amazingly similar to the hometown I grew up in. I actually never expected to find a place like this in Turkey of all places. However, this place is where we go to a few times per year to relax and enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle of our business. We bought this place when a relative of ours told us he was putting his villa in Turkey up for sale. When I saw pictures of the interior, I was amazed at how nice it looked.

I enjoy every moment we spend at our green villa in Turkey. I could live there year round, and we have actually been considering it as our retirement is getting a little closer with each passing year. Except for the different language, living in our villa is much like it is here. However, the weather and cost of living is so much better.